” There is little to do, shopping serves more than any therapy at any time. It costs the same, and moreover you get a dress “- reads the pages of one of the best sellers of Sophie Kinsella (Madeline Wickham)” I love mini shopping “. There are those who, faithful to tradition, love to go around for shops to try and touch the objects of desire and those who, instead, rely on the internet to do business. In reality, the shopping streets are endless. To revolutionize the way to enjoy and experience fashion is not just technology: long life at vide dressing , winning formula that allows you to get rid of clothes, shoes and accessories in disuse, earning money.

Vide dressing, the new shopping frontier

In the wake of the new economic models that have affected both the transport sector and tourism, even the fashion system has decided to broaden its horizons. The time has come to kick consumerism. And also to the crisis. How many times, opening the wardrobe, you mind to himself complaining that you have nothing to wear? Why tease yourself when reality is clear? You do not need a careful eye to realize that the space to accommodate a new item is zero. Before buying something new, why not eliminate the superfluous?

Violette Sauvage: no to waste, yes to recycling

Believing in the video dressing is Violette Sauvage , a French reality that, since 2010, is based on the principle of re-use. A winning idea developed by its founder, Rino Coletti, who rallies against bad habits, promoting a new way to constantly renew the wardrobe. All while winking at the environment and its finances. That’s right. Offering a second chance to clothes, bags and accessories means taking on responsible behavior that helps reduce pollution. The goal of the French company is to raise awareness among people in order to make them purchase more wisely. All while having fun.

Not markets but real events

Yes, as we read on the company’s Facebook profile, “we do not do markets but events”. In fact, every event is a real shopping experience that allows visitors to browse through vintage clothes, new clothes and handmade creations. Do not miss the space dedicated to food, relaxation areas, beauty etc. In six years of activity, the company has made progress. He has exported his modus operandi from Paris to Lyon via Lille, Nantes and Brussels until arriving in Italy, in Rome . Several appointments have now made the trailblazer, finding a great interest from the people of fashion.

News in progress

The next scheduled event is scheduled for the weekend of December 2nd and 3rd at the Palazzo Colonna Coffee House . An exciting location, a real container of magic in which to hunt for the perfect Christmas presentto delight friends and relatives. Unlike many other events that offer a space to sell, here there is no percentage to be paid to the property: everything that you sell ends up in your pocket. What’s new for 2018? Having ascertained that the territory is ready to welcome this fashionable revolution, we will proceed with an event a month, starting from February. It’s not all. Violette Sauvage knows no boundaries, on the contrary, increasingly aims to enlarge its market and plans to reach new Italian cities, most likely one in the north and one in the south.