The tequila is a distilled native of Mexico , obtained by fermentation and subsequent distillation of the blue agave, originally produced in the Mexican town of Tequila and in its vicinity. And although it does not have an “easy” taste, it is very popular all over the world. However, to taste it better, particular attention must be paid to some details. Here’s what.

The first mistake that many make is to drink what is not produced using 100% agave sugar. It is an old and long process. Because plants take eight years to mature. The nucleus of the plant is then distilled. Like champagne, only the drink produced in Mexico can rightly be called tequila.

All the secrets of the Mexican distillate, from which to take to how to taste it …

“That arrived in the United Kingdom and in Europe was mixed with tequila. This means that only 51% of the sugars came from the agave plant, the other 49% came from other sources such as wheat or sugar cane, “ explains Eduardo Gomez, director of Mezcal and the Tequila Festival in London, all ‘ “Usually these tequila are of low quality. The golden tequila, much appreciated, was colored with caramel, which causes that horrible hangover the next morning “ .

Another piece of advice. When choosing which one to take, avoid those over the age of four. Andrei Talapenscu, head bartender of the Pullitzer in Amsterdam, always tells the Independent. Memorize some key terms. Like Blanco, which is that kind of tequila of 2 months or less. The reposado is between 2 and 11 months. Aneja is between one and five years old. While the Extra Anejo has a minimum of three years.

We proceed. Another wrong step, according to Andy Kerr, the co-owner of the London Discount Suit Company bar, is to drink it in one go. It should instead be treated like a whiskey or a rum. And then sipping. With small sips. Maybe with a tasting glass or a glass of wine, so as to open the best flavors.

Cocktail lovers, Gomez adds, should try the Bloody Mary with the distillate instead of vodka. And what to tease, as a side dish? “Tequila and tacos go hand in hand” , adds Josh Rooms, the bar manager of Cartel in Battersea. “The Anejo goes incredibly well with the slow-cooked beef marinated with chili, tomatoes, white onion and cooked with chorizo” .