The type of alcohol you choose to drink can tell a lot about people and their way of doing things. Especially during a first date . Even a simple aperitif can be a first test to understand curious details of the person you know. Do not you believe it? Try to read the advice of Once , dating app that offers quality matches once a day. The team has compiled the list of personalities to be associated with the most popular cocktails drunk on the first date. You will be surprised.

A personality for every alcoholic drink: this is what we communicate to each and every time we drink

Beer – It is the most appreciated drink by spontaneous people. For people who know how to be content with simplicity and who do not like to complicate their lives. On the occasion of a first appointment, it makes clear that your interlocutor does not like the artifices and useless turns of words. He wants to live the experience of dating in light-heartedness and is really interested in making your acquaintance. Presenting itself in an authentic and honest way. And claiming the same from you.

Wine – For lovers of refinement. Careful observers, lovers of good wine love the compliments. Both to do them and to receive them. They know they are very frank and they hate loneliness. If your companion chooses it, know that you are facing an acute observer. And if you want to make a good impression, you’ll have to pay attention to the details. Be pungent and do not hesitate to make compliments.

Mojito and other Rhum-based cocktails – often mysterious but always sunny, lovers of this drink are able to fascinate those around them with a sometimes disarming simplicity. For a sunny person, always ready to have fun. The first appointment will be pleasant and time will seem to fly between smiles and jokes.

Bellini Royal and others based on champagne – In general, French sparkling wine lovers are shy people, but with very strong personalities. To be discovered slowly. They hate the superficiality and are antithetical to the rhum lovers. On the first date there will hardly be no frankness, but do not give up, it’s just a matter of time.

Tequila for the most vicious, Cosmopolitan for those who show off security, Mojito for the more sunny

Margarita  or other tequila alcohol – chosen by those with a lifestyle full of vices. From those who are not afraid of anything, from those who feel stimulated by the difficulties of life. It is a cocktail for those who know how to have fun, consciously choosing to be the center of attention. These are determined and curious people, so expect to see dozens of questions on the first date. Sometimes even uncomfortable.

Cosmopolitan and other vodka-based cocktails – Those who choose them often risk being too sure of themselves. He loves being at the center of attention and does everything to get noticed. Your he / she will do everything to surprise you already from the first date. And it will give its best to seduce you. It is guaranteed that there will be no embarrassing silences during conversations as they will be filled by his dialectic.