how to make helium infused wine

Along with other helium-infused alcoholic drinks, helium-infused wine has joined the list of the latest trending topics. This is ordinary wine which has been mixed with helium using the assistance of a helium pump.  Supposedly, the effect is said to be similar to what people experience when they breathe helium from balloons. 

Previously, the helium-infused drink trick has been “experimented” using beer, and while this time around the drink chosen was wine, the venue of the experiment remains the same.

How Did It All Start?

The story that has captivated social media began with two ladies sharing some wine that has been infused with helium. They are seen only taking a few sips of the wine before they start laughing hysterically. Quickly, the video went viral, racking up over 7 million views in a matter of few days from the date of publication.

Despite the popularity of this video, “helium-infused wine” is actually not an existing product that can be bought from the wine shops. A quick search for helium-infused alcoholic drinks on popular social media and video channels will give you dozens of results of people apparently infusing and drinking different beverages with results that are quite funny and amusing.

Why You Should Try It

If when growing up as a kid you never got the chance of breathing helium at a kid’s birthday party, then perhaps you could try this to understand what the video is all about. However, it’s important to note that helium-infused wine is simply regular wine only that helium has been added to it. Once you breathe the mix, the helium is supposed to alter your voice for a couple of seconds, allowing you to discover a different humorous version of yourself.

How To Make Helium Infused Wine

The inhalation in the video is achieved by drinking a concoction of wine that has been infused with helium. You can opt to utilize a standard balloon pump, the one used for inflating balloons for the kids. Alternatively, if you have an acquaintance working in a lab somewhere, you could request them to help you infuse the drink with helium.

Does Helium Infused Wine Really Work?

This helium-infused drink is supposedly meant to have the same effect on the voice of the wine drinker as helium gas. However, several websites have expressed their doubts on the credibility of the video stunt. They have highlighted the fact that helium is among the least soluble gasses, which effectively negates its impact when you add it to any liquid. 

After hydrogen, helium is ranked 2nd in terms of lightness and it gets dispersed quite quickly into the atmosphere. While the inhaling of helium does actually change the pitch of the inhaler’s voice for short period, helium-infused wine won’t just work. Inhaled helium does change the tone of the inhaler’s voice for an extremely short time that doesn’t last for more than a few seconds.

Three points come out regarding the possibility of helium-infused alcohol affecting your voice:

  1. In water, helium is not soluble. It’s not possible to carbonate beer or wine with helium like it can be done with nitrogen or carbon dioxide.
  2. It would be impossible to add liquid helium because at 220°F it turns to gas from liquid. You would actually end up having frozen wine.
  3. Even if somehow it was possible to add helium to wine, it would only cause gushing as it is not soluble in wine.


Despite getting shared over 10 million times from when it was first uploaded to YouTube and Facebook, many people continue to dispute the authenticity of the video. One website, even goes further suggesting that perhaps a voice dubbing program might have been used in editing the video footage.