You will certainly need some sort of glass if you want to drink wine unless of course, you drink directly from your bottle.  But wine, unlike beer, is best when drank from a wine glass. In fact, the shape and design of a wine glass matter a lot when you want to experience the true taste and real aroma of the wine. Different glass shapes can bring out tastes that are completely from the same type of wine.

wine glasses with double walls

The Unique Double Wall Design

Designed with a double wall that has been vacuum insulated, double wall wine glasses are a premium, non-sweat display of real craftsmanship. They will keep your favorite wine refreshingly chilled for periods, even when you are in the hot sun. There is perhaps a no better way of enjoying your wine than with a double wall wine glass.

With a wide mouth that allows your wine to breathe and an exquisite powder finish for that comfortable non-slip grip, double wall wine glasses maintain the crisp taste of your drink for hours.

History of the Double Wall Wine Glass

Archaeologists believe that human beings were enjoying wine and its benefits as far back as 8000 B.C.  In all probability, the first wine lovers drank wine from earthenware bowls. Since then, there has been lots of innovation.

Over the centuries, wine drinking fashions and styles have changed, the main ones being the use of glassware as well as the variety of glasses on offer. Today, we not only have artistically designed glass wines but also some with a double wall. The double wall glass wine can be described as a modern and scientific way of drinking wine.

Why So Popular?

The double wall glass eliminates condensation on the sides and has a rounded, stylish rim for comfortable wine drinking. The strong borosilicate material that is usually used in making these glasses makes them lighter, thinner, break and scratch resistant, as well as freezer and dishwasher safe.

The unique shape determines the flow of the wine to the glass rim’s diameter and how it lands on the palate ensuring you get an outstanding wine drinking experience.

How Does It Affect The Taste

Scientific evidence supports the role played by the design and shape of your wine glass. Perhaps just knowing that we are drinking wine from an exclusive, pricey and handcrafted vessel makes us believe that we are getting a superior experience from the glass of wine.

Double wall glasses have an insulated double-wall design to ensure that your wine stays at the appropriate serving temperature.  Whether you are outside camping, sunbathing, boating, or BBQing, the double wall wine glass has a genuine classy feel. 


The truth is that there is really no wrong or right glass for drinking wine or tasting. However, some glasses perform better than others when you want to feel the depth, taste, and aroma of wines.


That explains why many glass manufacturers have gone to the extent of designing specific glasses, like the double wall glasses for use when drinking specific types of wine or varietals. This takes into account the different aspects exclusive to that individual wine. 


This unique glassware has been designed to maintain the kind of sophistication loved by wine drinkers who love wine glass artistry and uniqueness.