Cafè Gourmand is the new Gray Goose ritual to be proposed at the end of the meal. It is the union between the Espresso Martini cocktail and small pastries, a new and delicious alternative to the classic dessert.

Thanks to the union between the strong personality of the cocktail and the delicate flavors of the pastries, it creates the premise for a truly enjoyable after dinner. An original idea, perfect for those who can not give up the taste of coffee after dinner. But also a new way of conceiving desserts, to be tried by associating the arabica with the enveloping taste of vodka.

Cafè Gourmand: the novelty is inspired by the French ritual

In France, the Café Gourmand has always been considered the right compromise between a “challenging” dessert and the simple espresso at the end of the meal. Inspired by this epicurean tradition, the new Gray Goose Café Gourmand is able to give a touch of novelty to the ancient culinary ritual.

The secret is enclosed in the combination of the best vodka in the world and the right blend of coffee. The arabica is selected to bring out the flavor of the distillate and give life to the “perfect” Espresso Martini cocktail. The latter is in fact served with a fine selection of mini desserts that contribute to enhancing the taste.

Gray Goose combines two totally French ingredients. The soft winter wheat of Picardy and the spring water of Gensac-La-Pallue, expertly worked by François Thibault, Gray Goose’s master cellar.

The Café Gourmand will be available in bars and restaurants including the Four Seasons Hotel and the Milan Bulk and the cocktail bar at the JW Marriot in Venice.


50 ml Gray Goose Vodka

20 ml Coffee Liqueur

30 ml Single Origin Guatemalan Espresso

1 Pinch of “Fleur De Sel”

Seal: 3 coffee beans

Shake the ingredients vigorously and for a long time. Pour into a Martina cup and garnish with coffee beans.