The old practice of letting your wine “breathe” is more than a snobby affectation. There’s actually a very real reason people do this: it oxidizes and evaporates your wine, allowing fuller, more complex flavors and aromas to come out.

With the proper exposure to air, a $10 bottle of wine can taste like a $25 bottle – such is the magic of aeration.

While everyone enjoys good wine, not everybody has the time or patience to wait half an hour between opening the bottle and pouring a glass. Swishing your wine around helps to incorporate a little air into it, but not to the same effect as leaving it out to breathe.

Technology has thankfully created a quick and instant solution for our busy, modern lives: wine aerators. These tools introduce air into your wine, draw out its flavors, and produce a much smoother and softer bouquet in mere seconds. A wine aerator will let you enjoy your wine’s true, natural character the way it was made to be enjoyed – and with none of the wait.

Below are some of the best wine aerators on the market today, as recommended by wine enthusiasts and experts alike.

Wine Aerators Comparison
  • FDA Approved materials
  • Weight: 1.28 ounces
  • Best Value
  • Electric Wine Aerator
  • Weight: 1.50 pounds
  • Best Luxury
  • Stylish 6 Piece Set
  • Weight: 1.13 pounds
  • No-drip stand
  • Featured on Food Network
  • Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • 5X Thicker than a wine glass
  • BPA-Free Materials
  • Weight: 13.6 ounces
  • People's Choice

Types of Wine Aerators

Handheld Pour-through Aerators

best wine aerator

The original aerator is the handheld pour-through type. You basically just have to hold the device over your wine glass with one hand and pour wine with the other. This design was popularized by Vinturi, and delivers instant aeration that enhances the finish and bouquet of your wine.

Because of the design, these aerators are usually much more durable than the pourer/spot types. However, because it requires two hands to operate, it can get a little messy and is much more prone to spillage and splashing. Still, this is a very common way to aerate your wine.

Some brands have stand versions of the handheld aerator, which uses the exact same technology, but allows for one-handed operation. Just place the wine glass under the spout and pour.

In-Bottle Pourer

in-bottle wine aerator

Wine aerators are instruments that you attach to the wine bottle itself to mix in the air as you pour directly from the bottle. You can achieve the same effect as letting your wine breathe in under five seconds.

These types of aerators usually have a spout and tube system that can effectively and quickly draw up the wine, exposing it to oxygen, and give you a wine with a more open and full body. The added plus is that these pourers are usually very small, lightweight, and portable, so you can have great-tasting wine no matter where you are.

This is the best solution if you want to aerate your wine hands-free!

How To Select a Wine Aerator

All wine aerators promise to do the exact same thing, so it can be difficult to choose between brands or models. These are the things you need to look at before deciding on the best wine aerator for you.


The most common wine aerator materials are acrylic plastic, steel, or glass. Acrylic plastic is considered the best because it does not add any harmful components and contaminate your red wines. The material will play a huge role in the aerator’s durability (e.g. glass is more fragile, acrylic is less prone to breaking). Some materials are not dishwasher safe, so that might be a factor if easy cleaning is a priority for you.

If wine taste is important to you, then so should the aerator’s material.


The wine aerator brands we’ve listed provide either a 30-day refund period or a lifetime guarantee. A warranty (and good customer service) is critical in case something breaks or simply just doesn’t work as advertised. The best brands out there to not shy from giving a warranty, because their products are of high quality. Protect yourself and get a product that has a forgiving return or exchange policy in place.

To be honest, since wine taste is not affected by the warranty of the product, you can probably pay a bit less attention to this.


Aerators aren’t particularly bulky, to begin with, but some are much smaller and more compact than others. This could be important if you have limited storage space at home, or would just like to be able to bring your wine aerator with you to out-of-home events. The best aerators can be both, small and large.

If you want to be able to comfortably aerate your wine, don’t pick a large aerator.


Whether you prefer handheld or in-bottle pourers, find a wine aerator that has the features you need and is easy to use. You’ll also want a product that has a stylish and ergonomic design that not only makes it more effective at pouring wine but also nicer to look at.


While aerating wine is incredibly important to make the most out of your wine, know that it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg. Most wine aerators are in the $15-$100 range, so there’s definitely a product for every budget. Expensive doesn’t always mean best – most of the wine aerators on this list prove that price doesn’t determine performance or quality.

Best Wine Aerators

1. Vintorio Wine Aerator Review

vintorio wine aerator review

If online reviews are anything to go by, the Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer is the darling of the wine lovers community. With an average of 4.5 stars across almost 2,500 reviews, this spout aerator has been heavily praised for its unmatchable ability to dramatically improve the flavors and aromas of any of your red wines.

The Vintorio Aerator brings together both performance and convenience in one small device. Using it is simple – just uncork the wine bottle and attach the aerator. When you start pouring wine, you can actually watch as the bubbles form in the wine through the clear acrylic spout. You can actually see the air being incorporated and trust that it will produce smooth, great-tasting vino.

This wine aerator makes use of a large chamber and air intake system, scientifically-proven to infuse the optimal amount of air into your wine. It follows the Bernoulli Principle which increases the speed of the liquid, allowing more air to be drawn and mixed in. There are also three air holes at the base of the spout that encourages oxygen flow towards the wine while it’s being poured. This effectively transforms any bottle of wine (yes, even old, aged wines) into a softer, more mellow drink without any bitterness.

So, yes, aerating wine can be a bit more scientific then what most people think!

vintorio aerator

The Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer is elegantly designed and lends a classy touch to any dinner or party. It also makes for a great gift for your wine-loving friends. It’s constructed with FDA-approved materials that are stainless and completely unharmful to your health. It comes with a virtually leak-free seal and rubber stopper that ensures mess-free pouring. The acrylic spout boasts a slanted design that makes it drip-free as well.

It is easy to clean; just run the aerator pour under warm water in between bottles. The aerator is easily disassembled, so you can also give it a thorough cleanse with warm water and soap every once in a while without any hassle.

Vintorio truly has one of the top wine aerators, but they also have amazing customer support. They offer a lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee, so whether you received a defective product or just aren’t seeing the results you had hoped for, you can easily contact the company for a refund or replacement. They’re incredibly responsive, and will quickly assist you with any question or concern you have.

You get a premium-looking and performing aerator for less than $15, which makes it one of the most affordable and best-performing aerators on the market. It can turn any kind of wine – cheap, box, you name it – into a wine with a much more expensive body and flavor.

Overall, the Vintorio Wine Aerator Pourer offers great value for money. It’s inexpensive, but it doesn’t scrimp on quality or performance. Plus there’s practically zero risk thanks to the lifetime guarantee that the company offers. Purchase this aerator, and you’ll see the world of difference between a glass of wine and Vintorio aerated wine. We guarantee the wine taste will improve significantly, in a much better direction.

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2. Aervana Original Wine Aerator Review

aervana wine aerator review

Convenience, performance, and class: these three words sum up the Aervana Original One-Touch Luxury Wine Aerator. You can now have a deluxe wine aerator in your own home that is guaranteed to impress all wine lovers with its sleek design and outstanding capabilities.

Aervana was established by a father and daughter tandem that wanted to make the wine-tasting and drinking experience more seamless, spontaneous, and enjoyable. Thus the concept of the one-touch aerator was born. This device allows you to maximize the flavors and aromas of your wine in an instant.

The The Aervana wine aerator acts as a personal wine tap. The device is a thin tube connected to the main touch system. When the button is pressed, it activates the aerator, draws up the wine from the tube, and dispenses it from the spout and into your glass. The result? Perfectly-aerated wine literally at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

Air is introduced into the wine as it’s dispensed, which helps soften the flavors especially in younger, bolder reds like Cabernets and Tempranillos. The state-of-the-art aeration system spreads out the wine to increase its surface area, which allows more oxygen contact than any other brand. It is also the first and only aerator that acts as a decanter as well; sediments stay at the bottom of the bottle, instead of going into your glass.

aervana wine aerator

Unlike handheld and pourer aerators, there is virtually no mess, spills, or leaks. It has a chic metal and black design that looks as good as your wine tastes. This battery-operated aerator is small and portable, which means that you can enjoy excellent, full-bodied wine at home, at your friend’s place, or even outdoors on the beach.

The Aervana is easy to clean. Just fill an empty wine bottle with water, attach the device, and press the button. Once thoroughly rinsed, wipe down the tube and spout with a damp washcloth. And voila! You can store your Aervana until you crack open your next bottle.

The price is a bit steep compared to other aerators, but you are getting an incredibly high-quality product with almost unanimously positive reviews. Some customers say that the Aervana breaks too soon (especially for the cost), but there is a 30-day warranty period for you to report any broken or defective items.

We highly recommend this unique, top-performing luxury aerator; you can forget about vinegary, bitter wines – the Aervana produces only a genuine, natural finish that makes your wine taste much more expensive than it actually is.

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3. Vinturi V1071 Review

vinturi v1071 wine aerator

Hand-held aerators usually pack a punch in the flavor department, but because they require both of your hands, they can be messy and unwieldy. The Vinturi V1071 Deluxe Wine Aerator Set tries to solve this by turning your effective bulky handhelds into easy, one-handed aerating wine powerhouses.

Vinturi is one of the original (if not THE original) aerator manufacturers. Their Essential Wine Aerator model revolutionized the way we drink wine by offering fast and effective aeration with a handheld device. Their Deluxe Aerator Set builds on that well-loved, patented technology for an incredible pouring and drinking experience and impressive bouquet.

The V1071 is a six-piece set that includes the Vinturi wine aerator, a tower arm, tower base, no-splash grate, no-drip stand, and sediment filter screen – and all for a very affordable price of around $25. Unlike most aerators, which need to be held over a glass with one hand while you pour the bottle with another, the Vinturi set does half of the work for you. Just assemble the tower, attach the aerator, and place the wine glass under the spout; now, you’re ready to pour and enjoy your smoother, softer wine.

Vinturi’s wine aerator is designed to quickly and conveniently incorporate air into your by glass. The chamber and spout system promotes a complete oxidation and evaporation process that helps your wine reach its peak flavors and aromas.

vinturi v1071 image

You’re getting the same Vinturi that the wine community has been praising for years, except with the added convenience of having the stand hold the aerator for you. Its dramatic presentation meets practical functionality. The elegantly-curved tower looks good enough to be the centerpiece of any party or on your counter even when not in use. Its sleekness is more than just aesthetics, however; its ergonomic design stabilizes your wine glass and protects against accidental spills and leaks.

The aerator is constructed with acrylic plastic, which is completely safe to use and incredibly durable while still looking premium and sophisticated. The set is comprised of easily detachable and dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning. The stand is slim and compact so you can store it on your counter or in your cabinets without taking up too much space.

Make the most out of your Vinturi V1071 Deluxe Aerator Set – pour slowly to avoid leaks, and use standard-height wine glasses to prevent splatter. You can even use the aerator alone without the stand to achieve the same effect but with added portability.

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4. Soireehome In-Bottle Wine Aerator

soireehome review

For a unique, luxury-esque wine aerator on a budget, look no further than the SoireeHome In-bottle Wine Aerator. The design takes notes from one of the original methods of aeration – swirling your wine around in your glass before drinking.

The SoireeHome wine aerator is made of hand-blown borosilicate glass, which is five times thicker and stronger than a regular wine glass. This lends it a classy, expensive look that is sure to turn heads at the dinner table. It also features an unconventional oval design that spreads out the wine across the surface of the device for optimal oxidation.

An aerator and decanter in one, you get clean, sensational, and bold flavors with just one small and compact device. Thanks to the included five-ring basket, you can fit the SoireeHome in most standard wine bottles. It’s also a simple one-piece tool that is easy to clean – just run it under some water, then allow to dry on the included drying stand/rack.

Glass requires careful handling, of course, so it’s not a good choice for large parties or clumsy hands. Plus, being a relatively new and innovative design, the SoireeHome model hasn’t quite reached the same standard of aerating wine as other brands. However, it does come with a lifetime, no-questions-asked manufacturer’s guarantee, so you can return the product at any time if you’re left unsatisfied with its performance.

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5. Vinluxe Pro Wine Pourer Review

vinluxe pro wine pourer

One of the top-rated wine aerators in the whole world, the Vinluxe Pro has garnered over a thousand reviews and a solid 4.5-star rating. It’s been included in many top-lists because of its simplicity, quality, and functionality.

In just seconds, you can have decanter-quality wine. The patented three-step aeration process that significantly improves the flavor and finish of any wine. It’s a mere $18, but it more than pays for itself by saving you from having to buy expensive wines; using the Vinluxe will seemingly double the value of your wine at no extra cost.

This handheld wine aerator just needs to be positioned directly over your wine glass – no complicated instructions or operating processes. You can even watch as the wine flows through the clear device, quickly and efficiently mixing in air as it runs from top to bottom.

The design is simple, yet very attractive, and makes a perfect present for your friends or family. It comes with a drying stand so that you can proudly display your Vinluxe Pro on your counter, or easily stash it away somewhere safe.

Not yet convinced? Perhaps the lifetime manufacturer’s guarantee will be enough to persuade you to give this high-quality wine aerator a chance.

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6. Vintorio OMNI Edition

vintorio omni edition review

Most wine aerators use either the traditional way of infusing air (increasing the surface area of the wine by splashing it to the sides, which increases its exposure to oxygen) or the modern way (using the Bernoulli Effect to incorporate more air). The Vintorio Omni Edition looks at these two options and says, “why not both?”

The two-step, the multi-chamber process produces premium-tasting wine in less time than it takes to uncork a bottle. The opening is wider and the liquid flow is much faster than other aerators, which means that overflow and accidental spillage is very unlikely, even if you pour quickly.

One of the best and most unique design features of the Vintorio Omni is that there are no side holes, so there’s no risk of you accidentally covering the holes or wine leakage during pouring. It also doesn’t have any loose, small parts that are easy to lose or break.

Vintorio manufactures its wine aerators only with body-safe FDA-approved acrylic. The package comes with a travel pouch, so you can carry your new favorite wine aerator around with no problem. On the off chance that you’re not 100% satisfied with your Omni, Vintorio will (with no exceptions) refund your purchase.

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7. D&M Deer Stag Wine Aerator

deer stag aerator

If you’re bored of the usual chamber or spout design that seems to dominate the wine aerator industry, then the D&M Animal Wine Aerator is the one for you. With stag, dog, horse, and bear variants, there is a unique yet elegant wine aerator for any personality or preference.

Really stand out from everyone else with this decorative aerator that not only brings out your wine’s best flavors but makes for an interesting conversation piece. It’s fun and different (and beautiful from the packaging to the product itself), which makes it a good fit for at-home use or as a gift to a friend.

The D&M Aerator is a standard in-bottle wine aerator that brings out complex flavors and aromas in both red and white wines. It’s made of FDA-approved non-toxic materials like easy to clean stainless steel.

At just $15.95, it’s on the cheaper end of the aerator spectrum, but you can trust that it is durable and of high-quality. Customers love this quirky take on a classic product, but just in case it doesn’t live up to your expectations, there’s always the risk-free 100% guarantee.

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8. Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter

zazzol wine aerator

The Zazzol looks similar to the Vinluxe Pro, but don’t be mistaken – this popular high-rated handheld wine aerator has its own set of special features that make it worthy of your consideration. Its patented design and vetted performance have even gotten the attention of major publications like Business Insider.

Featuring an improved three-stage design, the Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter spreads wine throughout the devices and incorporates the optimal amount of air for an enhanced flavor and bouquet.

The first stage is an umbrella-shaped sprayer that splashes the wine to the sides of the device, before funneling it through to the next stage. Stage 2 guides the wine through 32 holes that mix in the air that mellows out the wine and allows its true flavors to come out. The final stage uses the Bernoulli Principle to complete the instant aeration process and dispense the wine into your glass.

Just like the Vintorio Omni, there are no holes on the side, which also means no accidental leaking or dripping. The large chamber and wide opening protect against overflow, so you get a hassle-free, mess-free pour every single time.

The Zazzol Wine Aerator Decanter is made of durable and FDA-approved acrylic plastic. It’s also totally dishwasher safe, making cleaning a breeze.

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Concluding Thoughts

If you’ve made it this far, it is time to enjoy a glass of wine.

Don’t miss out on the improved taste, finish, and a bouquet of aerated wine. There are so many options for you to choose from – at any price point – and soon, you could be enjoying a glass of grade-A vino from the comforts of your own home. If you choose to stick to our list of best aerators, we guarantee that you will never drink wine the old way ever again.

best value wine aerator

Vintorio – Best Wine Aerator

If You are struggling with deciding between aerators, this Vintorio model offers everything a newbie wine enthusiast needs. It looks classy, it is made of durable materials, and the quality is more than excellent. At XogWine we highly recommend this aerator.

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