One glass at a time

There’s a time and a place for enjoying a full bottle of wine… But sometimes, 9pm on a Monday night isn’t it. With Xo, G you can finally enjoy that delicious glass of wine without worrying about overindulging. Our 4 shatterproof, pre-filled glasses of premium wine are perfect for those times when just one glass is enough.

Premium Wines

As an avid wine lover, Giuliana Rancic has always appreciated the bliss that only a great bottle of wine can bring. That’s why she hand-selected her favorite varietals as the debut collection of Xo, G Wine. From the rolling hills of Italy’s countryside, to the sun-drenched landscape of the South of France, come three luscious, fresh and irresistible wines. Each varietal is well made and true to the region, proving that good things come in small (and fabulous) packages.

no waste bg

Waste not, want not

The bottle of wine you opened on Monday for just one glass, doesn’t always hold up until Wednesday. And by Friday? Forget it. It breaks our hearts a little to think of all those half consumed, stale bottles of wine being poured down the drain. Now with Xo, G‘s perfectly portioned glasses, no wine will ever be wasted again. So whether you need a glass of wine for cooking, or you just want one glass while relaxing, rest assured that the rest of the bottle will be there whenever you want it. After all, mom taught us not to be wasteful.

Take it With You

There once was a time when wine was meant to be enjoyed indoors. After all, who wants to lug around a glass bottle, corkscrew, and stemware? Thanks to Xo, G, those days are long gone. 

Xo, G is lightweight, shatterproof, and completely portable. So toss a bottle in your purse and take it with you to all those places where glass is inconvenient – at picnics, poolside, or BBQs. You never know when you may want a glass.